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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 1, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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justin berk right now. >> good morning. headlines actually earl still big, but not as big. winds slowed down to 125 miles per hour. that takes you down to a category 3 storm. still a major hurricane, we're still expecting the path of the storm to get very close to ocean city as there will be between thursday night and friday when we start feeling the impact on the far extreme portions of maryland. right here in in baltimore little or no impact. it's nothing like isabel. behind this storm labor day weekend looks cool and nice. satellite imagery, 1500 miles away to the center of the storm, we're watching the eye redevelop. the storm not as strong as yesterday but still a formidable force impacting all of the east coast with high waves. locally we've got a nice day, sunny, hot. the pollution levels bring us up to a code red. not the best day to be
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outdoors. the haze will build, guaranteed high of 95 degrees. let's toss to kim brown. >> thanks. we've been off to a good start traffic-wise, not a lot going on. we have some downed wires in the phoenix-monkton area at old york road and glen berry court. police should provide a detour. in problems in materials of drive times, no delays from 795 to 70. 95 southbound looking good between white marsh and the beltway. the harbor tunnel is clear. the beltway top side at 83, some volume starting to build, traffic managing to move at a nice speed. back to you. >> all the usual suspects, bowley's quarters, ellicott city, fells point, half half --
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havre de grace. >> we're on talbot street. many places in maryland are talking about how to be prepared for severe weather. down in annapolis, people there are just trying to make sure that their boats are okay. hurricane earl is occurring as annapolis is hosting the 44th annual race week. race officials say if tides and winds are too extreme some plans may be cancelled. hurricane isabel in 2003 brought back all sorts of memories for boaters and dealing with storms is nothing new to annapolis, many people are taking this storm very seriously. >> we'll change our plans. we decided to work our way back closer to rock hall, our home
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marina, by thursday evening. >> reporter: as you can see many folks in annapolis are not taking any chances. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. 70 degrees. hurricane earl is far away right now but it's already casting a huge shadow over the labor day weekend plans that many people have at the beach. we talked to the ocean city mayor about storm preparations and what people vacations in ocean city need to know. >> the 40 to 50-mile-an-hour rain, we can handle. the beach is in good shape. we'll get some beach erosion probably. after the storm we'll have rip currents that we'll have to be very cautious with. >> keep in mind it's still early. maryland emergency management director richard muse says ocean city could get tropical storm force winds up to 50 miles an hour. >> we always think back on other hurricanes. we wonder where earl will end up. many people remember back in
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2003, let's take a look. this is virginia beach at the time. it was later september when hurricane isabel took over the mid-atlantic area, blasting virginia beach towns before moving up here to visit us. normally that would be a good thing but not considering the size of the storm, even though isabel's center was moving across western maryland and pennsylvania, its circulation was pushing water back up the bay causing epic flooding from annapolis to downtown baltimore. people were out there paddle boating to get around back in 2003. and remember you can always get the latest on earl's path on our website,, we'll have the up-to-the-minute forecast and updates from anywhere earl has an impact. stay with us,, throughout the week. we'll have live team coverage from ocean city starting tomorrow until after earl has passed us by. >> five minutes after 6:00. people in one glen burnie neighborhood are upset, but to
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be honest anyone will be upset when you hear this story. police are looking for a man who raped an 83-year-old woman. abc 2 news's linda so joins us with the latest. >> reporter: police only have a vague description of the man, a guy in his early 20s who wore a dark colored scarf over his face during the attack. it happened early monday morning on country club drive in glen burnie. police say the man broke into the elderly woman's home and sexually assaulted her before running away. police plan to patrol the area to get more information about the suspect. neighbors hope police make an arrest soon. >> i hope so. i really do, because you don't know if it's the guy up the street or whatever. not knowing is the worst thing. >> if you have any information to help police call the anne arundel county sex crimes unit, 410-222-3416. in the studio, linda so, abc 2
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news. baltimore city police and firefighters unions once again are sounding the alarm over a pension dispute. the unions are going to be holding rallies this week including one last night in downtown baltimore. members say they will continue to protect baltimore even if city officials in their words have turned their backs on them. as part of the big budget fix, the council voted to increase retirement service from 20 years to 25 years. captain thomas tosh missed the cutoff by just two months. >> we agreed to the rules that they laid out. they were the ones that had everything laid out on the table when we came and applied for this job and talk it. now they want to change the rules. i don't think the rules are legal that they are changing. >> changes were enacted last month but the unions filed suit in federal court. all right. the orioles finished august off by beating the red sox 5-2 last
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night. with the victory, the orioles monthly record is 17-11. that's their first winning august since 1997. luke scott homered, and the double. the yankees won last night. they tied the orioles' mark with 18 straight winning seasons. remember when we did that? seven years and over 4,000 lives later, the president declared the combat mission over in iraq. >> what's next for troops as they try to stabilize and unsettled nation? >> we're trying to help you get back to work. this morning you'll meet three people ready to work. plus, this class is back in session. how to help your mild avoid bullying, it's a concern a lot of parents have. before you go anywhere let's head over to justin with the latest on weather. >> good morning.
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a half hour away from sunrise. good morning. still dark. we've got ourselves another hot, sunny summer-like day with poor air quality, code red ozone, and 69 degrees right now. we're going for a high in the mid-90s. the latest on hurricane earl coming up.
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>> it's time to get you back to work. we've been asking you to submit your resumes and we feature them online and on air every wednesday. let's take a look at this week's job hunters. >> i'm a financial services and technology professional whose career includes over 12 years of successful experience in the business world. my work experience includes project an operations management, business analysis,
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and mutual funds administration. my areas of expertise lie in process improvement, client vendor relations, a motivated individual with a strong work ethic. thank you for your consideration. >> hello. i'm a highly accomplished unique and diversified professional with a background in human resource and office management. i hold a post graduate certificate in school administration and supervision, a masters degree in education, and a bachelor of arts degree in english. i'm looking for a position that will enable me to utilize my education, skills, and experiences to support the company's goals. please contact me for an interview. thank you. >> hi. i have an associate degree in multi-media, in addition to my
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computer support experience, i have an experience in trouble shooting, researching and resolving technical issues. in regards to windows nt, microsoft office, internet connections, my other skills include tax preparation, preparing print advertising, and communication information to various departments of the organization. i have successfully assisted in the administration and organization for selected ministries. please contact me for an interview so that i can put my skills to work for you. thank you. >> all right. if you want your video resume on the air, send us an e-mail with a microsoft word attachment. we'll call you to come in and tape a 20-second video pitch for the air and our website. 6:13 right now. 6:13. we're taking a look outside
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right now. we're just minutes away from sunrise. there are the waves just beginning to build back up in north carolina, a live shot here showing us that we've got ourselves what is a contrast of all extremes. we have the holiday weekend coming up, fantastic weather right now on the east coast, and it will turn out to be a beautiful weekend in between. we've got ourselves this bump called earl, and earl is going to turn the seas angry today, lasting into the weekend when the storm passes by. right now we're looking at quiet conditions. this is the satellite. there are no clouds to be found with a high pressure in full control and from north carolina, southbound, we'll take you about 900 miles away from cape hatteras, hurricane earl's eye now beginning to show once again, the outer bands wrapping around the storm trying to hold onto its organization, but it may have peaked out at category 4, now a category 3, winds at 125
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passing off the east coast. we have this locked in by friday morning. just after midnight, very close to the outer banks of north carolina. still trying to maintain a category 3 strength. the thing sit passes by, morning material afternoon on on friday, may clip cape cod, may hit nova scotia as a category 1 in colder waters. what does it mean for us? bring it back home. we're looking at first off high pressure in control. with that in mind, it keep us with sunshine. this is ocean city yesterday. like north carolina, hey, we had the strong undertow from the rip currents from danielle. danielle, by the way, was about the same strength as earl, just a thousand miles east of the coastline. this one will be closer and start turning seas much more angry as we head through today
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and tomorrow. ocean city currently sitting at 77 degrees. they are aiming for 90 this afternoon. the water temperature is up to 78. that's just marginal to feed into a tropical system. across the delmarva, 94 rock hall, to annapolis. 93 aberdeen with light wind on the bay. this side of the bay, it's not like isabel. high air quality, poor air quality, code red, not the best day to be outside. we're aiming for the mid-90's this afternoon. thursday afternoon, outer banks getting clipped with outer rain bands. watch the eye itself jump offshore east of the outer banks within 200 miles of ocean city, puts that in the tropical storm force wind field, maybe 60 miles per hour, waves 10 to 20 feet in ocean city. in baltimore not much of an issue. 70s overnight. high humidity will continue to
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build back in. 93 tomorrow. and then we'll see some clouds roll in. here in baltimore, barely anything noticeable from the storm. by the weekend looking good. we'll talk about that coming up. let's talk traffic with kim brown. >> we have an accident in frederick, southbound route 15 at route 26, this is a crash involving a tractor-trailer, it has all the southbound lanes blocked. traffic is able to squeeze by on the far right merge lane, but expect delays if you travel route 15, southbound this morning. looking at the cameras, 95 at 395 through baltimore city, volume starting to pick up but everybody seems to be chugging at a nice speed at this time. at our maps, a couple minor incidents to let you know about, working a disabled vehicle in bel air at route 543, and route 22. you'll see police on the scene. the wires are still down in phoenix at old york road and glen berry court. look for a detour this morning. the drive times on the outer loop, 6 minutes from bel air to providence road, 95 southbound
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still looking good, 4 minutes when white marsh boulevard and the beltway. no problems between 83 on the outer loop. back to you. >> 6:18. another day of school for the kids. >> some undoubtedly will find some difficult issues when it comes to bullying. >> bullies are a problem in the school system, an issue many don't know how to deal with. abc 2 news sherrie johnson is here to give you five tips to prevent bullying. >> reporter: students across the state head back to the classroom. as they settle into the school environment, some will face bullies, bullying is a problem that affects lots of kids, 3/4 of all kids say they have been bullied or teased. many schools have taken steps to train staff as a way to prevent bullying. encourage your child to walk with confidence. people are less likely to be picked on if they walk and sit
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with calm awareness and confidence. second, stand up for yourself. encourage your child to have a clear but firm voice to tell the person to stop. the child needs to be able to set clear boundaries to avoit a threatening situation. third, protect your feelings from name calling, teach your kids to man throwing the words into a trash can instead in their hearts or heads. make bullying against the rules. make sure your child's school has a clear written violence and harassment prevention program that everyone agrees to uphold. pay attention when children are upset and take the lead in helping them develop skills for handling conflict. and finally, be persistent in getting help. children who were being bullied need to be able to tell teachers exactly what happened and be persistent about getting help from someone in authority. >> baltimore county has a very
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pro-active plan to deal with bullying in the high school. we certainly have guidelines and procedures set in place and the staff is trained on those procedures, the students are made aware, the parents are made aware, and certainly all the schools are a safe place for students to be able to report bullying so the school is able to be pro-active in dealing with that issue. >> reporter: hopefully following these tips will help your child have a safe and happy school year. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> 6:20. we found a replacement for the situation on dancing with the stars. >> this dog can bust a move. plus, surprise homecoming, i think you're going cry this morning. i just know it.
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entertainment news, zsa zsa gabor back in the house. her husband found the 93-year- old unresponsive and called 911. the incident is not believed to be life-threatening. she was hospitalized for several weeks in the last two months after breaking a hip in july. 6:24. we've seen everything, right? dogs on skateboards, riding waves in the water. dancing with the dogs. >> this is the best. this morning, take a look. a golden retriever has all the moves. look at her go. clearly this pooch and her owner rehearsed this routine many times. jamie and i think get rid of the situation, that gal belongs on "dancing with the stars." >> that's great. >> that's great!
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we saw it this morning and had to show you. we have no idea where it was shot. we don't care. it's that cute. >> there will be polka music by friday. he was knocked unconscious in a suspected dui stop. >> the question this morning, is this use of excessive force or was it a driver who couldn't cooperate? >> police are investigating a disturbing attack on an elderly woman in glen burnie.
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at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. it's going to take months of drilling to rescue 33 miners. a neighborhood is upset as an 83-year-old woman sexually assaulted, police in glen burnie are looking for the suspect. >> and keeping an eye on earl, when is he coming be a what's he doing? we'll look at the latest coming up. how about the scene we showed from you north carolina, the live shot. >> amazing. it looks beautiful. >> here is justin berk. >> some of the nicest weather surrounds a hurricane before it comes and after it passes. this is what we're dealing with, a strong cold front upper midwest may impact the track of the storm, the storm itself,
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bottom of the screen, it is now knocked down to category 3 status. still main hurricane, winds at 125 miles per hour. it's 900 miles to the southeast of cape hatteras, more than a thousand miles away from ocean city. we'll have to follow that track and how everything comes into play. we'll talk more this morning. it's a category 3 storm. the close pass to maryland will you thursday night, through date on friday. this morning 69 in baltimore. 61 toward york, low 70s on the eastern shore from easton to ocean city. we've got weather stations in ocean city. we've got live cameras and we'll show you the conditions including live coverage on the beaches beginning tomorrow. today our hour by hour forecast shows sunny to partly cloudy skies, a 2-degree guaranteed high of 95. let's check on the roads and get the traffic update with kim brown. >> good morning. traffic is starting to build around the area, starting to slow in


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